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Legally imported from the Central African Republic, Certified by Bureau Veritas (BIVAC) and conforms to environmental and fair trade practices in compliance with international standards.

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Natural Durability Properties

Based on mature wood in a temperate climate


  • Fungi - Moderately durable

  • Dry wood bores - Susceptible; sapwood demarcated (risk limited to the sapwood)

  • Termites - Susceptible

  • Treatability - Not permeable

  • Does not require any preservative treatment against dry wood borer attackes or against humidification risks

Wood Description





Common Names


Common Name(s) - African Mahogany, Acajou, Khaya

Family - Meliaceae (Mahogany)

Scientific Name(s) - Khaya Antotheca                                                                                                                                                                                            
                                  - Khaya Grandifoliola
                                  - Khaya Ivorensis

Local Names    Central African Rep - Acajou
                            Côte d'Ivoire - Acajou
                            Ghana - African Mahogany
                            Nigeria - Ogwango
                            Uganda - Munyama
                            France - Acajou
                            Germany - Khaya Mahogani
                            United Kingdom - African Mahogany

End Uses

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Machining and Assembling